April 28, 2017

Niacin Benefits – Have you considered taking it ? Read this before buying

Niacin is one of the most important nutrients in the body. It is part of the Vitamin B nutrients, and is also known as Vitamin B3. There are so many health benefits that can be gained from the nutrient. Luckily enough, it can be sourced from many common foods, so there is low likelihood of having a deficiency of it. Meat is one rich source of the nutrient, be it red or white meat. Whole grains are another rich source of the same nutrient.

What are the niacin benefits?

1. Good for the skin
Niacin is known to bring many benefits to the skin. It helps to clear the blemishes that often appear on your skin. It is in fact regarded as one of the best cures for acne, which explains why it is found in many skin care products. The nutrient also has anti- inflammatory properties which is why it used to ease skin irritation. If you want a healthy skin, then you simply must consume more of this nutrient.

2. Healthy Cardiovascular System
Another benefit of niacin is that it safeguards the health of your cardiovascular system. Your cardiovascular system is vulnerable to many illnesses, particularly lifestyle diseases. For example, having extremely high levels of bad cholesterol can greatly jeopardize the health of your cardiovascular system. The good news is that niacin helps restore balance in the levels of cholesterol in your blood, which means that the health of your heart is not compromised. Also, the nutrient has been shown to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, which is a heart disease that can be fatal.
niacin benefits
3. Improves Brain Function
One of the most important niacin benefits is that it keeps your brain functioning at its best. This is particularly important for the elderly. As you advance in age, your brain stops functioning as well as it used to during your youth. You might be plagued by any number of mental conditions, such as dementia, insomnia and lowered cognitive function. Niacin can however reverse these debilitating effects of age, and help improve your memory as well as your cognitive function.

4. Helps Battle Diabetes
Research also shows that niacin can help not only fight, but even prevent diabetes. It does this by balancing the levels of blood sugar, thus ensuring that they do not reach any extremes. If blood sugar levels remain balanced, then the probability of suffering from diabetes is greatly reduced.

Niacin is a nutrient that is laden with countless benefits for your body. Taking more of it will certainly work wonders for your health.

Melissa Murphy