January 8, 2017

Confused? Tips to Choosing the Best Mass Gainer

Having difficulty trying to gain weight and build up muscle? Have you always worried about how your weight never has any changes despite eating lots of food than the average person? Your worries are solved if you get your hands on the best mass gainer. The mass gainer is a product formulated to let the person gain more weight than the average person. Sometimes this is often mistaken as the whey protein powder, but the latter is a different product, but the purpose is almost similar.

best mass gainer supplement

Below are some tips on how to choose the best mass gainer that is suited to your weight gaining needs.

Ratio of proteins vs. carbs
Complex carbohydrates and proteins in mass gainer should have a present ratio of 3:1. The proteins in mass gainer must come from the slow-medium and the fast release of sources like whey proteins, calcium caseinate, and micellar casein. The fastest metabolizing whey will right away supply the nutrients to the muscle tissues that are distressed after going through a heavy workout and at the same time trigger the new synthesis in the muscles. The calcium caseinate and micellar casein, two slow digesting proteins work well during the night and right in between meals to prevent the breakdown of the muscles. This will preserve the lean muscle mass and at the same time keeping the body in its positive balance in nitrogen. The complex carbs are digested slowly, which provides the sustained energy for the individuals’ workouts.

Digestive enzymes
Mass gainers require the presence of the digestive enzymes. With enhanced digestion, this will reduce the chances of getting bloated and even provides fuel for workouts that are very intense to achieve the size of the individual’s goal.

Low levels of added sugar
This is the easiest method for increasing the calorie value – putting more sugar in your mass gainer. However, the best quality mass gainer can provide nutrients that come from cleaner sources like the complex carbs and proteins and at the same time keeping sugar levels of the body to a minimum. Go for a mass gainer that has a sugar content that is not over 6 grams in every 100-gram serving.

Vital nutrients
Minerals and vitamins play significant roles in relieving the metabolic stress made by exercise. Mass gainers contain multivitamins, in which its role is to stimulate the biochemical reactions within the body for getting energy in relieving the muscle fatigue dealt after the exercise.Here is the list of Top 5 best mass gainer supplements.

The best mass gainer depends entirely on which brand you feel you are comfortable to have. Make sure you ask the professionals on how to take on the mass gainers. Usually, you take the mass gainer together with your breakfast to start off your day with the very much needed energy.

Mass gainers are all rich in proteins and carbohydrates. It is because of such nutrients that it makes a perfect partner to recover the energy lost in whatever rigorous exercise you have gone through.

Melissa Murphy